Euphonik, one of South Africa’s most prominent DJs in the entertainment industry, has embarked on a campaign that he calls Random Acts of Kindness – changing the world 1 person and 1 day at a time. This time he collaborates with Changes Treatment Centre to help Sipho and Shiraz who were battling with drug and alcohol abuse.

In the video, the victims explain how addiction had negative effects in their lives, such as losing friends, family and loved ones. Euphonik rightly puts it that drug addiction in SA is a big issue, and if it’s not addressed it will have serious repercussions on the victims and their families and loved ones – this will also inevitably have severe consequences in our society as crime rate is usually catapulted when individuals are under the influence of drugs and substances.
Substance abuse basically “robs you of your life,” as Sipho rightly puts it. It is crucial that we save our society by helping those who are victims of drug abuse in collaboration with institutions like Changes Treatment Centre. Addicts are not bad people, they are ill people trying to get better, and we all have a duty to help them achieve that.

For more information, kindly contact Changes Treatment Centre, an institution with insight into the daily demand of drug abuse, a well-trained team of professional experts handpicked to rehabilitate the victims. Call us today!