When people speak of drug addiction they often do not realize the effects that the drugs have on your brain and why it is so difficult to quit. Many individuals who take drugs try to convince themselves that they can quit whenever they want and this feeds the misconception that drug addiction can be stopped by mere willpower. The chemicals found in many of these substances cause drug users to compulsively seek out and use drugs because of the chemicals being triggered in their brains.

The brain is the control centre of the body and sends signals out to the different parts of the body to direct different bodily functions. When an individual takes drugs one of two things can happen: either the reward circuit if the brain is sent into a hyperactive state or the brains natural messages are imitated by the chemicals emitted by the drugs. When the brain of the individual who has taken drugs is in a state of over-stimulation the feelings they exhibit are those of euphoria. The drugs imitate dopamine which is a chemical that is naturally released by the brain. The drugs mimic the feeling of sex, spending time with family, productivity and adrenalin. This acts as motivation to continue to take drugs because of the feelings of pleasure that arise from the high.

The body assumes that because it is experiencing higher levels of dopamine it can produce less. This then increases the amount of drugs that must be taken in order to match the natural dopamine levels needed to function. With the help of a reputable Rehabilitation Centre like Changes Treatment Centre you can bring the rate of natural dopamine production to a level where the patient no longer needs the drugs. It is important to show love and support to the individual who is in the recovery process in order to ensure that they do not go looking for pleasant feelings in the wrong places again.