My success story… 17 January 2017
How my journey began… Easter weekend 2014, I made the decision myself to pick my first drug after having seen it at a party the month before. I thought nothing of it at the time, it did not phase me in the least… or so I thought… i had no idea that my boyfriend at the time was using and was an addict, I was entirely naive to the whole thing. Until the day I said to him “I want to try it, how do we get it” his immediate response was “don’t worry I know” and immediately dialed the number. I then asked “how do you know?” again his response was “don’t worry I know everything”.


On my arrival at CHANGES Treatment Centre, I remember receiving a warm hug from Yonit. I was fearful, not knowing what to expect and whether the Halfway House was the right option for me. As soon as I started attending the Ouptatient Group sessions, I knew I was in the right place. I became more comfortable and started trusting that the system, programme would work for me. My counsellor Elimien, whom I saw weekly, helped me work through situations that I had trouble dealing with, which made my head space much clearer and manageable.


When I arrived at CHANGES, I was a wreck. I was in the lowest pit of despair, a shell of a human being. I was physically and emotionally wrecked and I had nothing and nowhere to go. I did not even know that I was an addict! I believed that I had all sorts of other problems and that drugs were not part of them. Almost immediately, the team at CHANGES made me feel at home, my Counsellor and the staff gave me their all.


I am currently a resident at one of the 3 halfway houses operated by CHANGES Treatment Centre. I moved here to continue into my next phase of treatment and recovery after spending time in the Inpatient Treatment Centre. I believe that I am in an unbiased position to “compare” CHANGES to other rehabilitation Centres around the country. I say this because I have been to 11 Rehabs. I also worked as a House Manager in 3 rehabs as well as facilitating the opening of a very successful primary/secondary care treatment centre in Plettenburg Bay.


When I admitted myself into treatment at CHANGES 6 months ago, I was physically and emotionally ill. I was detached from myself. I was negative, constantly living in doubt and could not change. I doubted that I could stop and my addict constantly wanted a quick fix.


I crawled into the gates at CHANGES Inpatient Centre on all fours. I was broken, damaged and deranged. I received a soft bed, great food, a hot shower and most importantly I received love and understanding! CHANGES is the only treatment centre that I have been in that caters for all my various addictions. The group therapy sessions are brilliant and cater to all aspects of recovery.


I am in my 70’s and I was in a terrible state when I came into CHANGES. I had just been discharged from a lockup horrible Psychiatric hospital where I was supposed to get better. I didn’t and thank goodness I was referred to CHANGES thereafter because this decision saved my life. This centre helped me lift my depression and heal my state of being


I arrived at CHANGES after 13 years of alcoholism after many attempts to sober up at various other institutions. Sheryl suggested that after 21 days of inpatient treatment, I go to the Halfway House which CHANGES has. I was not too keen but under one condition, I would at least give it one try.


I went to changes after a severe relapse, not having the privilege to do in patients, however the daily groups (outpatients) that I attended gave me insights to what my triggers are and also granted me the opportunity to get constructive feedback from my peers. It gave me the opportunity to see a new side of myself as well as new insights regarding my own personal behaviour and patterns.


Definitely, I was in 3 different treatment centers before CHANGES, now after my treatment with CHANGES I am two years clean and sober. When you put in the work the efforts will show in the results and the counselling team at CHANGES really helped me put my life back together and become a functional and productive member of society.


June 2016 – current
I had hit rock-bottom, and I was very broken as I walked through the open gates, and into the open arms and open hearts that welcomed me. I had arrived at Changes – a place that I now call home. My Recovery Journey began on that cold Highveld Winter’s day, and it has been the warmest experience of my life.


Hi I’m Neil and I am an Addict,
If someone had to tell me that I would be over a year clean today I would not at have believed them at all!
I came from an addictive addiction life of 11 Years filled with emotional darkness and chaos. I was a master manipulator who only did things if I could get something out of it.