On my arrival at CHANGES Treatment Centre, I remember receiving a warm hug from Yonit. I was fearful, not knowing what to expect and whether the Halfway House was the right option for me. As soon as I started attending the Ouptatient Group sessions, I knew I was in the right place. I became more comfortable and started trusting that the system, programme would work for me. My counsellor Elimien, whom I saw weekly, helped me work through situations that I had trouble dealing with, which made my head space much clearer and manageable.
Every day as an Outpatient, was a learning experience for me. Some days were tougher than others, but the support from my peers in the Halfway House was what encouraged me the most, to not give up. I never felt alone in the Halfway House, there was always somebody who could relate to my struggles and knowing that, gave me hope.

CHANGES also offered my parents and family a lot of support. They attended weekly family support group meetings and this has helped us mend the past and be comfortable around one another again. A year and a half later, when I left the Halfway House, I am a completely different person compared to when I first came in. I have my life back, my family back, my confidence is back and I am able to live drug free. Thank you CHANGES, for guiding me to the life that I live today! The fact that have choices and the feeling of being free is a blessing. I am truly grateful!

A.T. Recovering addict.