I arrived at CHANGES after 13 years of alcoholism after many attempts to sober up at various other institutions. Sheryl suggested that after 21 days of inpatient treatment, I go to the Halfway House which CHANGES has. I was not too keen but under one condition, I would at least give it one try.

I asked Clive if I could go home and pack more clothing and visit my children. Clive laughed at me, I thought that this man was extremely rude. In hindsight, I am so grateful today because he predicted my actions before I had even thought about them. I was going to drink and probably not return. It’s now 10 months later and I am happy and sober. I am experiencing the joys of life again.

I have never experienced such endless support and unconditional love from total strangers. I am part of a family at CHANGES and not just part of a system. I don’t have adequate words to describe my appreciation and gratitude towards Clive, Yonit and Sheryl, the CHANGES counsellors and all their staff. They never gave up on me and still help me daily to ensure that “my miracle happens”.

Grateful to be sober
, CR