Would I recommend CHANGES treatment center to others?

Definitely, I was in 3 different treatment centers before CHANGES, now after my treatment with CHANGES I am two years clean and sober. When you put in the work the efforts will show in the results and the counselling team at CHANGES really helped me put my life back together and become a functional and productive member of society.

How would you describe the care that you received?

The care that I received at CHANGES was unbelievable. When I first got to CHANGES I was a broken person and I didn’t believe that there were any good caring people in the world, but the counselling team at CHANGES proved me wrong, as they care so much about recovery and helping the still suffering addict. They only have your best interest at heart and will love you until you love yourself.

Do you feel that CHANGES helped you deal with your challenges?

Yes, 100%. Although it is up to the individual and how desperately they want to change, and if they are willing to be open minded about suggestions given and honest with themselves to be able to deal with their challenges. They taught me basic life skills again, as I didn’t know how to deal with everyday living, but they gave me the tools to put in place to be able to overcome my challenges.

Would you recommend a half way house as a secure transitioning from rehab to “normal life”?

I am pro half way houses; I see it as essential to a long term recovery. I stayed in a CHANGES half way house for 19 months and I am now two years clean and sober. I realised that family and living it home was a major issue, and I am only learning that now after 19 months of being a way from them, but because I gave myself a long enough period to prepare myself and change my ways of handling conflict and disagreements, I handle difficult situations at home now in healthier and manageable way, but if I had gone home after a month I wouldn’t have given myself that time to prepare and change and I definitely would have gone straight back to drinking in order to just keep myself “sane” at home around the craziness. But now I am able to identify the craziness and to avoid it and not try prove a point or “control” the chaos.

Did you feel that the house was comfortable and clean?