June 2016 – current.
I had hit rock-bottom, and I was very broken as I walked through the open gates, and into the open arms and open hearts that welcomed me. I had arrived at Changes – a place that I now call home. My Recovery Journey began on that cold Highveld Winter’s day, and it has been the warmest experience of my life.
I am a bi-polar, ADHD, alcoholic, drug-, sex- and love- addict. Sheryl Rahme certainly had her hands full with me. Thankfully Sheryl persevered. Her 20+ years of addiction counselling experience, coupled with her tremendous capacity to believe in the real me, even when I didn’t, and my own open-mindedness, willingness and honesty has ignited the change in me. It has been a tough process of heart breaking but strengthening self-discovery and, slowly, daily, I am changing, And change feels good.

I spent over 4 months as an In-Patient, in Primary Care. I fought the suggestion initially, but those months turned out to be the very foundation on which I am now building my future. The Changes combination of Group Therapy, Interpersonal Sessions, Cognitive Therapy and Individual Therapy sessions is powerful beyond measure. I was introduced to the AA and NA fellowships and now, instead of wanting to control and change the 12-Step Programme, I am a 12 Step evangelist.
I celebrated my 6 months clean and sober milestone recently – a milestone that seemed like a mountain when I first surrendered. Yes there have been hills and valleys, highs and lows, but that’s life. The difference is that I am a little less arrogant, a lot less extreme, completely clean and the recipient of the most incredibly gifts of recovery.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” M Williamson

I know what I need to do to stay grounded and live Just for Today. But on the days that I forget – I have Sheryl and the team at Changes by my side, reminding me, supporting me and loving me.
Thank you