I went to changes after a severe relapse, not having the privilege to do in patients, however the daily groups ( outpatients) that I attended gave me insights to what my triggers are and also granted me the opportunity to get constructive feedback from my peers. It gave me the opportunity to see a new side of myself as well as new insights regarding my own personal behaviour and patterns.

A person realises quite quickly that you aren’t as great as you thought you are or as bad as you think you are.
I also had the opportunity to formulate an intimate therapeutic relationship with one of the counsellors and this counsellor has been nothing but a God send to me.

She always has and still makes herself available to me no matter what time of the day and night it is. I am still attending counselling session 2 and a half years later not because I am struggling to stay clean, but because of the wonderful insights of further growth I am experiencing as a result of what we work through.

I made friends, I got the opportunity to get a second chance at life and all it took from me was to say I need help and I am willing. To date, I am 3 years and 6 months clean and visit CHANGES regularly