I am in my 70’s and I was in a terrible state when I came into CHANGES. I had just been discharged from a lockup horrible Psychiatric hospital where I was supposed to get better. I didn’t and thank goodness I was referred to CHANGES thereafter because this decision saved my life. This centre helped me lift my depression and heal my state of being.

Yonit picked me up from the hospital and took me to my journey of healing and CHANGE. I attended every group with the other residents and we shared all our experiences with one another. We were always acknowledged by the counsellors and treated with dignity all my experiences were addressed and I worked through what was troubling me at home and in my mind.

CHANGES staff and counsellors always had a way of calming us and directed us towards the right way of thinking. This subtle way of clearing our thinking and showing us to acknowledge our way towards the rewards of recovery..

I am so grateful to CHANGES. I am a new woman today!