I crawled into the gates at CHANGES Inpatient Centre on all fours. I was broken, damaged and deranged. I received a soft bed, great food, a hot shower and most importantly I received love and understanding! CHANGES is the only treatment centre that I have been in that caters for all my various addictions. The group therapy sessions are brilliant and cater to all aspects of recovery.

I used drugs and alcohol for 21 years and went into various local rehabs and relapsed 5 times as soon as I left treatment. I finally found a home at CHANGES that cares about me, never kicked me to the curb no matter what I shared to them. I am 6 months clean and sober which is the longest time I have ever been clean in my entire life. I am happy, healthy and grateful.

CHANGES nurtured my choices to create a new life, one of joy and happiness. Through very hard work, perseverance and commitment, CHANGES literally saved my live. My advice to whoever is reading this, “Be the CHANGE you wish to be in the world. Make the first CHANGE by joining the CHANGES family.

Grateful to be clean, sober and have life
. Jo D.