When I arrived at CHANGES, I was a wreck. I was in the lowest pit of despair, a shell of a human being. I was physically and emotionally wrecked and I had nothing and nowhere to go. I did not even know that I was an addict! I believed that I had all sorts of other problems and that drugs were not part of them. Almost immediately, the team at CHANGES made me feel at home, my Counsellor and the staff gave me their all.

They were open and caring, I felt like I was home. I saw the same care with all the other patients and clients of CHANGES. I used to shuffle around, could not stand upright, could not talk properly or look anyone in the eyes. They helped me to start talking again, I started hugging again. Today I laugh a lot, I walk with a bounce in my step and I finally have a voice. I stand up for myself, I have opinions and people listen to me and take me seriously.
Today I am on a journey that only goes up! Down is not an option, there is no such thing in my vocabulary. I cannot believe the difference in where I was and where I am now 10 months down the line. I want to thank everyone at the rehab for being part of my journey towards my recovery. I am so much happier and healthier.

Grateful to be sober T.H.