Hi I’m Neil and I am an Addict,
If someone had to tell me that I would be over a year clean today I would not at have believed them at all!
I came from an addictive addiction life of 11 Years filled with emotional darkness and chaos. I was a master manipulator who only did things if I could get something out of it.
I could not keep up with my dishonesty, lying to cover up more lies. My relationship with my family had become strained because of my dishonesty and secrecy.

I isolated myself within my house from the outside world, not seeing my any family or close non-using friends because I did not want to go without using not even for an hour!
This filtered into my relationships, I only chose partners that used because it was more convenient to use and did not have to hide my using.
My rock bottom came in December 2015 when I was completely emotionally and financially broke having spent R22 00 Rand in 2 weeks on my drugs of choice and being in a near fatal car accident from passing out behind the wheel which I should not have walked away from alive never mind unscathed.

My car accident changed my life forever. I checked into Changes Treatment Centre in January 2016.
It has not been easy but with the willingness to change my life and my way of thinking I can live a life free of darkness and Chaos.
My relationships with my family are thriving with love, support and trust. Changes Treatment Centre has given me the support, stability and tools to live a free and happy life.
I am eternally grateful to Changes Treatment Centre for saving me and I am proud to be a part of the Changes Treatment Centre Family..

My Clean Date : 9TH January 2016
Clean Time : 1 Year & 1 Week.

Neil Haasbroek Staunton.