I am currently a resident at one of the 3 halfway houses operated by CHANGES Treatment Centre. I moved here to continue into my next phase of treatment and recovery after spending time in the Inpatient Treatment Centre. I believe that I am in an unbiased position to “compare” CHANGES to other rehabilitation Centres around the country. I say this because I have been to 11 Rehabs. I also worked as a House Manager in 3 rehabs as well as facilitating the opening of a very successful primary/secondary care treatment centre in Plettenburg Bay.

The patience, support that I have received has been very special. I believe that the undertone of CHANGES is one of dignity, love and respect. When I compare my experience with other Centres, I can safely say that CHANGES has enabled me to look deeper within myself as well so that I can explore fundamental issues as to how my addiction manifested itself. Also, how my behavior spiraled out of control, which was so contrary to my core belief system which was originally instilled in me by my loving parents.
I have gained invaluable insight which has been uncovered by a highly experienced and insightful counselling team. Moreover, I personal believe in the 12 Steps programmes of AA and Narcotics Anonymous which CHANGES promotes. This was invaluable for me in conjunction with the various therapies as the solution to my recovery which I received at CHANGES.

At the age of 43 years, I thought I knew it all and seen everything. There are only a tiny handful of treatment centres I would recommend, CHANGES is definitely very high up on my list, if not at the top.
Thank you CHANGES, for a fulfilling life and that my family and I cherish. The rewards and fruits of new beginnings are becoming my reality day by day.

Grateful Warren M.